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Watoto Fashion Show

By Sponsoring and Donating to the Nuru Training Association, you would be included in advertisement and /or press releases for various publications. Through your contributions, the Nuru Training Association is able to create and present a professional production of the highest calibre. We are extremely excited to work together with you through collaboration with businesses and individuals like you. With your help, we can bring a huge positive sustainable impact on the culture and fabric of our community.

- Create and host events highlighting and celebrating Black Canadians in the arts, education, and social spheres


-Support the quality of life of Canadians of African origin by working with government agencies to deliver cultural and educational services

- To raise full awareness among youth and women, specifically those who self identify as immigrants and refugees .

- To provide support services, including life and development skills, income generating activities, basic tailoring, art design, craft, fashion skills, and information programs on technical and vocational training opportunities.

- To educate the youth and families on issues pertaining to drugs and substances in our community by offering courses, seminars, festivals, conferences on the topic.

We aim to guarantee the dignity, equity, and freedom for our new immigrants and refugees and help create an enabling environment for them without regard to their country of origin, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation. Our Mission is to further raise awareness of cultural and dancing expression for talents and teachings to engance youths for integration and self-expression in our community of Surrey, BC.