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The Nuru Training Association (NTA) is a Non-Government and Non-profit organization who was created by a proactive group of young men and women immigrants who have fled the war and other form of violation in their respective countries of origin (Eastern and Central of Africa) settled to Canada where they hope to find greater safety, freedom and happiness.

Taking in account this situation, as immigrants and refugees, a group of pro-active young people from Eastern and central of Africa have decided to create a not for profit organization to make a difference into our community. The organization was created on 2017 and was named “Nuru Training Association (NTA)”. The organization is based in Vancouver, British Colombia.

The Nuru Training Association is a registered Canadian not for profit-making organization dedicated to promote the respect and the non-violation of the human rights,the rights of refugees and immigrants in Canada.

Since its inception in 2017, Nuru Training Association has been able to: Proceed to registration of the organization at Canadian government

Our huge challenge is to find necessary means to implement cost-effective programs to provide rapid response to most pressing issues at an appropriate time.

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