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Nuru Training Association is committed to building a thriving community through collective partnerships, to create a long-term solution for our community in order to create spaces for all identities.


In fact, one of Nuru Training Association's strategic goals is to support unity and a sense of community belonging in celebrating cultural heritage and diversity. In light with that, our programs serve as a platform to cultivate a space for community members to feel empowered in their intersectional identities.

Our programs are designed in a way to find a balance between personal benefit versus collective benefits to the community. For this to be maximized, our programs and services are inclusive of both community and individual geared services. Some of the regular community engagement activities include: 


  • Cultural celebratory annual events such as the “Afro-Multicultural Talent Show” and “All Africa Games”

  • Continuous community engagement and support to African community celebrations 

  • Support community gathering activities to foster unity in diversity 

  • Support African community organizations and groups through capacity building and community engagement activities.

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