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Economic development


Bitish-Colombia not only has the large Black population in Canada, but its population also consists of a predominately younger demographic, which makes the need for economic and entrepreneurial development important. Nuru Training Association’s goal is to contribute to BC's economic diversifications by strengthening the Immigrant business ecosystem through entrepreneurial education. With strategic partnership and collaboration,

we aim to:

  • Expand tailored entrepreneurial development, training and education opportunities for the Black community, Immigrant and refugees,

  • Support the economic independence of Immigrant and refugees entrepreneurs in British-Colombia

  • Bridge partnerships among Immigrant business ecosystem and the broader business community

  • Bridge partnerships with, and linkages to, the broader business community

  • Assist in mobilizing private and public sector support for development of the community.

Tailoring training

To achieve these goals, Nuru Training Association has built a coalition of partnerships with organizations that are similar to ours in other Cities, including academic and financial institutions. Together with our partner institutions, we provide capacity building opportunities through: 


  • Youth employment and skills training 

  • Entrepreneurs skills training 

  • Coaching and counselling 

  • Bridging partnerships and access to capital


Through these trainings, youth are able to gain skills and knowledge related to interviewing, completing job applications, job searching and résumé writing thus gaining valuable skills and experience leading to a stronger workforce and economy, creating a community where no one is left behind..

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