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Governance and Planning process 



Nuru Training Association is a non-profit organization, with a president and an executive committee. The general assembly (made up of 20 people including 13 women and 7 men) is held once a year. The Board of Directors made up of 8 people including 5 women and 4 men, a Control Commission attached to the Board of Directors which is made up of 3 people including two men and one woman are elected for a renewable period of 5 years, and who meet at least 4 times a year (once a quarter) and whenever necessary in accordance with the statutes of Nuru Training Association.


There is also the Coordination Committee which is the executive body of the organization in close collaboration with the Administration Officer and the Program and Finance Officer.

This collaboration, which is close, allows the organization to stay in contact with the base, to apply the participatory and integrated approach by involving the beneficiary base communities in the initiation, design, implementation and monitoring. actions of community interest.

Planning process

It establishes the following:

  • Senior managers, in close collaboration with the executive secretariat, develop annual action plans in view of the strategic priorities and the 2021 - 2025 action plan of Nuru Training Association,

  • The planning of senior executives takes into account the existing resources as well as the financial and other resource needs that can be made available by the partners of Nuru Training Association,

  • The 2021 - 2025 strategic planning is reviewed annually at the General Meeting.

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