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Call for Donation

Nuru Training Association is the largest non-profit organisation in British Colombia that serves as a community hub, providing quality programming and access to services from a place of cultural awareness and competency to the families in our diverse community.

WE strive to create opportunities for full access and participation of all British Colombians immigrants especially African descent community in various aspects of society including economic, social, cultural and educational endeavours that contributes to the holistic development and wellness of the ACB individual, family and community.

We deliver programs and services through community contributions of time, skills and resources by bringing community members and volunteers together for the benefit of building a thriving society.

We really need your support!

Our last crowdfunding campaign was a great success and we stopped the eviction of the Safe Space of Nuru Training Association.

Now is the time to think ahead!

We need to make sure that we have sufficient funds to deal effectively with any emergency that may arise. We must also start providing assistance to all members in need.

The funding of $CAN 1.000.000 is the amount deemed necessary to enable Nuru Training Association to support members in their most difficult times effectively and in real time, as well as to ensure that all members receive adequate minimum of service.

Please click to the picture to fill the form or click the link bellow to see more how you can support us.

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