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Hello and Happy Spring!

We are excited to announce the timeline for the Summer Boot Camp 2023 Program. Our team is busy preparing a magical summer boot camp for our community and we look forward to connecting with you and supporting your children this summer.

The 2023 Summer Boot Camp program will begin on Monday, July 25 and ends on Saturday, August 19. Our programs will support kids currently enrolled through online form. It is our experience that our youngest participants have the most success at Summer Boot Camp if they have already attended.

Registration packets for the Summer Boot Camp 2023 program is now available on our website. Paper enrolment forms will be available at Nuru Training Association locations as well.

As in the past, kids currently enrolled in the Summer Boot Camp program will be given a priority and can submit a completed packet beginning. Families who are interested to attend the Summer Boot Camp program complete the registration packet beginning. Please submit a completed registration packet to the Nuru Training Association.

Important Dates:

Summer Boot Camp Session1: Registration opening: Now

Summer Boot Camp Session2: The first week: 25 to 28 July 2023

Summer Boot Camp Session 3: 30 July to 4 August Activities and visit for different places.

Summer Boot Camp Session 4: 19 August Final at the African Fashion Festival Canada

Age : From 4 to 15 Years

Thank you for your interest in our programs and please do not hesitate to reach out with questions. Sending my best!

Register your child here down

Safari Kabumbe

CEO and Founder

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