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Support from people like you allows the Nuru Training Association to do amazing things like produce a high-quality professional program, educate the public about our one-of-a-kind Art, encourage youth participation in service to their communities, give them a voice, and ensure everyone can access healthy food. We can't wait to partner with your company or individual corporate bodies. Please join us in making a long-lasting, beneficial effect on the cultural life of our city through the arts.
If you sponsor or donate to the Nuru Training Association, your name could be featured in the organization's promotional materials, such as advertisements and news releases.
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1. Create and host events highlighting and celebrating Black Canadians in the arts, education, and social spheres

2. Support the quality of life of Canadians of African origin by working with government agencies to deliver cultural and educational services
To this:

We aim to guarantee the dignity, equity, and freedom for our new immigrants and refugees and help create an enabling environment for them without regard to their country of origin, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation. Our Mission is to further raise awareness of art, cultural and dancing expression for talents and teachings to engage youths for integration and self-expression in our community of Surrey, BC.

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2019 Afro-Multicultural Talent Show


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